Degree Show - UAL Chelsea College of Arts (UK) - June 2019

Through the series of works ‘A Door to One’s Room’, I wish to connect to the intimacy of each one of us.They are inspired by Virginia Woolf’s idea detailed in her 1929 essay, A Room of One’s Own, where she calls for the absolute necessity of a material and symbolic personal space that a woman should have available in order to write a fiction.

In the bedroom, textiles are ubiquitous: bedding, sheets, curtains …they supple architecture. In this ‘room of one’s own’, textiles are movement,time and space altogether. How can I appropriate myself this space, how can I create openings that would drift me to the other side of the room, which would then become mine,which would become my inner space? Inhabiting this place would reveal its intimate use. My textile objects would witness this. Imagined as gates, they would express my confidence in this room. They connect the inside and the outside, the visible and what is sensed.But what if this room were an enigma? What if I had lost my way? How could I draw again using colour and light, the tracks that would lead me to its door? 

Beyond these three main works, I also feature a series of fabrics worked by folding and held by threads and pins. I understand them as maps, paths that retrace the thread of my thoughts. They invite to the intimacy.The pins would then embody this intermediate stage of construction where everything can still change. They are contact nodes that resume the path of construction. I am building this modular in the making room, where colours and shapes can be freely attached and detached with a yarn that can be pulled tight or released.

Gouaches / 21 x 34 cm

Screen-printed and hand dyed cotton / 170 x 320 (whole installation)

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